Anonymity is Freedom

The way the Ethereum Blockchain works allows anyone to watch your wallet in real-time and see what you do with your funds.

This mixer will give you back privacy over your wealth and let you own and spend it without being watched, controlled, judged, or even taxed by abusive institutions.

Mixing is your Right

The right to privacy is an element of various legal traditions that intends to restrain governmental and private actions that threaten the privacy of individuals.

Over 150 national constitutions mention the right to privacy. You can find more about Right to Privacy on Wikipedia

USDC Mixer

This app sole purpose is to provide cryptocurrencies users with a powerful USDC Mixer on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Using this tool will fully anonymize your USDC and obfuscate their origin.

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Our Commitment to Transparency and Security

Dear valued users,

Mixer-Obfuscator is a fully legitimate and transparent service that operates with the highest level of integrity and ethics.

We provide every user with a unique mixing wallet address, ensuring that each transaction is completely confidential. In addition, we provide each user with a signed Letter of Guarantee, which is a legally binding contract between our service and the user. This letter includes every detail of the mixing transaction and is digitally signed using our PGP public key, which can be easily verified.

We want to assure our users that we take their privacy and security seriously, and we operate with full transparency. We are committed to providing a safe and reliable service for all of our users, and we are confident that our service is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

If you have any questions or concerns about our mixing service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with the highest level of service and support.

Thank you for choosing Mixer-Obfuscator, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.


The fully automated mixer assures you with a reliable and efficient USDC mixing.

Fast Mixing

By pre-mixing USDC, the mixer can instantly provide you with anonymous USDC.

Secure HTTPS

Using HTTPS protocol makes it impossible for your ISP to track you on this mixer.

No Log

This server doesn't collect information about its users and do not log anything.

Dear User

  • If you are not familiar with Crypto Mixers, please start by reading our FAQ section.
  • Mixing Fees: 3% + 2 (USDC) Transaction Costs .
  • Minimum Deposit: 50.00 USDC.
  • Maximum Deposit: 500,000.00 USDC.
* That's where the mixer will send your anonymous USDC.
* Delay before sending your anonymous USDC.
* We do not check...

3 Steps Process

Fill the form

Let the mixer knows where to forward your new anonymized USC Coins (USDC) and choose a forwarding delay.

Send your USDC(Erc20)

The mixer will create and provide you with a new USDC wallet for you to send your USDC.

Receive anonymized USDC

The mixer will monitor this wallet, and will send you back Anonimized USDC for every USDC transactions received.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a USDC mixer?

A USD Coin (USDC) mixer (also known as a USDC tumbler, USDC obfuscator or USDC anonymizer) is an online service designed to obfuscate the true origins of USDC and remove any trails linking the USDC to their owner.

Why should I use a mixer?

  • Because the blockchain is public, anyone (Persons, Co., Govt., ...) that knows your wallet address can see what you are holding and how you spend your money.
  • Hence, Mixer are useful for privacy concerns, when you want to keep or use your fund anonymously just as you would do with cash.
  • Few Examples:
    • To finance a political party and avoid backlash if this party loses the elections).
    • To avoid present or future political repression like taxes on wealth.
    • To get rid of stalkers.
    • To prevent hacking or jacking of your wallet.

Who might know my wallet?

  • If you are here today that means you know who, right?
  • Few Examples:
    • Exchanges and Governments: You bought your USD Coins (USDC) on an exchange? This exchange might have asked for your ID, but it definitely saved your IP Address (linked to your identity) that they are forced to share with Governments.
    • Sellers: If you bought anything with your wallet, the seller also saved your IP Address and even asked for your personal info (billing).
    • Hackers: If a hacker had access to your computer/phone (remotely or physically) he certainly targeted your wallet.

Why do you charge fees?

  • The fees charged by the USDC mixer are inherent to the mixing process, with multiple anonymous contracts called behind the scene.
  • Fees also enhance the mixing process by slightly changing the transactions' amounts, protecting users from blockchain analysis.

How fees are calculated?

  • Fixed fees: 3% (cost of mixing)
  • Variable Fees: 2 times the Cost of Transaction for USDC (send your anonymous USDC & collect your old USDC).
  • Example: With a USDC Transaction Cost of 1.5$, if you send 100 USDC: you'll receive: 100-3%-(2x1.5$)= 94 USDC.
  • Cost of Transaction for USDC can be seen here.

What is the forwarding address?

This is your wallet address where you want the mixer to send your anonymized USDC.

What is the forwarding delay for?

The forwarding delay helps to avoid blockchain analysis by letting the blockchain process tones of transactions before forwarding you with anonymous USDC.

What is blockchain analysis?

  • A blockchain analysis consists of tracking the origin/destination of cryptocurrencies by analyzing the blockchain (which is public). An extended blockchain analysis will look for the amount exiting your wallet and look for any other wallet receiving the same amount through the whole blockchain. This trick will bypass most of the mixers, but not this one, because:
    • The USD Coins (USDC) that you will receive will have absolutely no link with your sending wallet.
    • Fees will make the received amount different from the sent one.
    • Forwarding Delay will extend the time between the two transactions.
  • This mixer is fully protected against blockchain analysis!

What if I accidentally exit(ed) the mixer?

  • Don't worry! You can always resume your mixing session using your "Session ID". If you forgot it, that's not a big deal, everything send to the mixer will be automatically processed and anonymous USD Coins (USDC) will be sent to your forwarding address after the forwarding delay.
  • However, if you lost your "Session ID" but intend to mix more coins, we advise you to create a new mixing session in order to keep track of the mixing session's expiration time.

Do you require KYC?

  • No we don't! Our servers are located in the Cayman Islands, which does not have any cooperation agreement with the Financial Actions Task Force (FATF) that requires its partners to KYC.
  • The mixer is fully automatic and will never ask you for anything before processing your requests.

Do you keep Logs?

No we don't! The mixer is hosted on a No-Log server that does not collect any information about its visitors.

What Guarantee do I have?

  • For every single mixing session, a letter of guarantee will be generated on demand. That letter is our written commitment bonding us to provide USDC to your forwarding address for every USDC sent to the address generated by the mixer to receive your USD Coins (USDC).
  • Download this letter if needed, but to stay untraceable: we advise you to destroy it after you received your anonymous USD Coins (USDC).

I want to know something else

Feel free to contact us, our team will be pleased to answer your questions.

Contact us

Our team will be happy to assist you if needed.
* We'll never share your email with anyone else.
* If your message is related to a mixing session, please provide your Session ID.

Resume your Mixing Session

You are able to resume your Mixing Session only if it didn't expire or have been deleted.
* Given by the mixer.

You Forgot it?

Do not Panic, every transaction that have been made before the Session Expiration (24hrs) will be automatically processed by the Mixer and the anonymous USDC will be sent to your Forwarding Address.

If you haven't made your transaction yet or wish to make more transaction, just create a new mixing session, so you can keep track of the mixing session's expiration time.

Mixer Config
  • Session ID:
    • Write it down to resume your session if something happens.
  • Expire in:
  • Forwarding Address:
  • Forwarding Delay:
  • Fees: 3% + 2×(USDC Transaction Cost)
Deposit address

Deposit Address:

  • Minimum Deposit: 50.00 USDC
  • Maximum Deposit: 500,000.00 USDC

Send the USDC that you want to anonymize to this Deposit Address using the Ethereum blockchain(Erc20).
Your transaction will automatically appear below under "Incoming Transactions".
Once your deposit transaction(s) confirmed, the mixer will send anonymous USDC to your chosen "Forwarding address", those transactions will be shown under "Outgoing Transactions".

Incoming Transactions
Waiting for your Deposit(s)
Outgoing Transactions

* Once your anonymous USD Coins (USDC) received, and if you don't wish to mix more USDC, we advice you to delete This Session, this will erease all the information related to this session. Sessions are automatically destroyed after 24 hours.

Do not send any coins to this wallet after deletion!

Session Not Found

This Mixing Session ID doesn't exist in the system. It can happen for different reasons:

  • You entered a wrong Session ID.
  • You deleted this mixing session.
  • The mixing session automatically expires after 24Hrs.

If you forgot your Session ID, don't panic, every USDC sent to that mixing session before expiration will be automatically mixed and forwarded to you.

If you wish to mix more USDC, we invite you to create a new mixing session.